About  SAY-X 

 What  is

SAY-X, or the South Asian Youth X-Change, is an organisation focused on igniting a period of change defined by the ambitions of the youth of today, in pursuit of a better world from every aspect. As a driver of this very vital change, SAY-X boasts representation from 8 South Asian Nations: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh & the Maldives.

The organisation is partnered with the United Nations Young Changemakers Conclave, and is based in Mumbai, India. Connecting with over 45 schools across 8 countries, SAY-X bridges discussions and dialogue between extremely carefully selected SAY-X student-advocates from the 8 nations. The primary medium for SAY-X's interactions is a virtual conference.

The end product and final culmination of the efforts, is the SAY-X Proclamation: a formally drafted document with synthesised clause-by-clause suggestions directly from the youth, to the current world governance. These topics include Education & Vocation, Healthcare, Technology, Freedoms & Liberties, SAARC Emergence, and Environmental Sustainability.

Some  Hard Facts 

 1 in 5  people in the world live in 8 SAARC nations

 1.8 billion  people (1 in 5 in the world), are part of the youth

*of an age between 10 and 25

 One-Third  of UN Sustainable Development Goals are directed at the youth

The average age of a parliamentary legislator globally is  53 

It is said that facts must be faced.

This is the reality that  SAY-X  aims to act on.

The  Team 

 Vivaan Kabir 

Founder, President

Vivaan founded SAY-X with the vision of beginning a journey for those in 'Generation Z'. The unpredictability with which the youth today lives in regards with their future, is what pushes and inspires Vivaan. He strongly feels the need to act upon being told 'you need to make the change'. Along with his highly talented Organising Committee, Vivaan is proud to lead  and  launch  SAY-X  to  all.

 Ishaan Vijai 

Director of the Organising Committee

 Ishaan Rao 

Senior Executive Member of the OC

The Organising Committee (OC) at the South Asian Youth X-Change is a mixture of students of different age groups and skill sets entirely. What makes the team work is the educational diversity, coming from 5 different schools and 4 universities.

 Aisha Tharaney 

Senior Executive Member of the OC

 Aashana Daru 

Head of


 Dia Daryanani 

General Co-ordinator

 Anish Jaswani 

Senior Executive Member of the OC

 Ved Pant 

Senior Administrative Member of the OC

 Eshaan Haque 

Senior Administrative Member of the OC

 Bhavya Gupta 

Senior Administrative Member of the OC

 Vivan Yardi 

Visual Architect

 Jagannath Philkana 

Visual Architect

 Oishee Banerjee 

Senior Executive Member of the OC

 Dev Makker 

Chief Visual Architect

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For official communication:  president@sayx.org 


LinkedIn:  Vivaan Kabir 

Oishani Nandi

Senior Executive Member of the OC

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